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Rapicide® OPA/28 High-Level Disinfectant
Cat No. ML02-0127, 4 Gallons/case
Cat No. ML02-0137, 2 Bottles/case (50 strips per bottle)

The superior way to reprocess heat-sensitive semi-critical devices that are unsuitable for sterilization. Use Rapicide OPA/28 Test Strips before every use, to verify the proper concentration.

Rapicide OPA/28 features:

  • A 10-minute high-level disinfection time that's faster than all other OPA high-level disinfectants in the healthcare market today.
  • Up to twice the reuse life of existing OPA's, lasts 28 days in comparison to 14 day use products.
  • Because of the low vapor pressure, irritation to the eyes nose and throat are reduced when compared to some high-level disinfectants
  • OPA/28 also effectively inactivates: TB, HIV2, MRSA, VRE, Hepatitis Viruses.

The test strips are intuitive and fast with a pass/fail reference color chart on the bottle and 3-second dip time and 90-second test strip read time.


SANI Glut™ Glutaraldehyde 3% Solution
Cat No. JGLUT, 4 Gallons/case

SANI Glut™ Glutaraldehyde 3% is a reusable manual liquid chemical sterilant and high-level disinfectant. SANI Glut Glutaraldehyde 3% is recommended for all immersible and heat sensitive medical instruments. The product features a 28 day reuse life, 25 minute high level disinfection time and a 10 hour sterilization claim, and is designed for manual use only. Comes with activator and activation is required. Solution needs to be tested with the appropriate test strip prior to each use to verify effective disinfection concentration.


SANI ProZyme™ Enzymatic Detergent
Cat No. JED, 4 Gallons/case

SANI ProZyme™ Enzymatic Detergent is a blend of enzymes and detergent designed to remove organic and inorganic soils such as blood, tissue and protein-rich fluids from flexible and rigid fiber-optic scopes and delicate surgical instruments. SANI ProZyme Enzymatic Detergent is highly concentrated, low foaming, phosphate and borax-free and has rust inhibiting properties. Ideal for both manual and automated application.

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