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Self-Seal Sterilization PouchesSterilization Pouches

Packaging products are manufactured using heavy gauge, medical grade paper. Balanced seal strengths facilitate ease of opening while preventing "blowouts" during sterilization. Products are also approved for EO Gas process. Self-Seal pouches feature: perforated adhesive seal to minimize errors associated with sealing, thumb notch for ease of opening, clear poly film for ease of viewing contents and chemical indicators to show processing has occurred.

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Cat. No. Description UOM Latex
SSP-380 3.5" x 5.25" Self-Seal Pouch 200/bx Yes
SSP-381 3.5" x 9" Self-Seal Pouch 200/bx Yes
SSP-382 5.25" x 10" Self-Seal Pouch 200/bx Yes
SSP-383 7.5" x 13" Self-Seal Pouch 200/bx Yes
SSP-387 8" x 16" Self-Seal Pouch 200/bx Yes
SSP-388-1 10" x 15" Self-Seal Pouch 100/bx Yes
SSP-389-1 12" x 15" Self-Seal Pouch 100/bx Yes
SSP-390 5" x 15" Self-Seal Pouch 200/bx Yes
SSP-391-1 12" x 18" Self-Seal Pouch 100/bx Yes
SCD-001 4" x 18" Steri-Coilâ„¢ Pouch Divider ea Yes

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