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Sterilizer Testing Laboratory

Sterilization Products & Services

is what the SPS stands for in our name.

However, a commitment to continuing education, quality and innovative products, superior testing services, and excellence in customer service is what our company stands for.

In 1987, SPSmedical dedicated its core business to the healthcare industry having provided products to other markets in previous years. Since that time, we have become one of the largest sterilizer testing laboratories in North America and a corporate member of numerous organizations, including standards setting organizations, such as AAMI and CSA.

Today SPSmedical serves the healthcare community as a global manufacturer of infection control and sterility assurance products. SPSmedical offers high quality, innovative, made-in-the-USA products which are manufactured in FDA-registered manufacturing facilities. Sold in more than 100 countries, SPSmedical sells a wide range of products distributed to medical, dental, and veterinary practices, including a comprehensive line of biological indicators, integrators, chemical indicators, bowie dick test packs, high level disinfectants, sterilization pouches and other sterilization monitoring products.

SPSmedical became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Crosstex International and part of the Cantel Medical family of companies in 2012. This relationship has strengthened SPSmedical in terms of its ability to expand its manufacturing capabilities as well as add to its broad range of products.

Crosstex/SPSmedical is ready to write the next chapter in its commitment to bringing the best products, education and service to the healthcare community. Along with our loyal customers, our employees and our suppliers, Crosstex/SPSmedical will continue to fulfill its role as a global leader of infection prevention/single-use disposable products.

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