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Crosstex Buys SPS Crosstex/SPSmedical, a Cantel Medical Company, serves the healthcare community as a global manufacturer of infection prevention and control products. Crosstex/SPSmedical offers high quality, innovative products, the majority of which are manufactured in the United States in its FDA-registered manufacturing facilities. Sold in more than 100 countries, the range of products distributed to medical, dental, and industrial include: Secure Fit® technology face masks, Sure-Check® sterilization pouches, STEAMPlus™ Class 5 Integrators, in-office and mail-in biological monitoring products, sterilization packaging, RAPICIDE® OPA/28 HLD, and the SANI line of enzymatic detergent and glutaraldehyde. For more information, visit www.crosstex.com, www.sterilizationproducts.com or www.cantelmedical.com.

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